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Ear piercing is a popular way to accessorise and express your personal style. But it’s important to choose a qualified and insured ear piercing service to ensure that your piercing is done safely and professionally. You’ll find all this and more with LYFE. We’re fully qualified, insured and able to offer you the best piercing experience with a stunning choice of accessories from Tish Lyon.

Tish Lyon jewellery isn’t just a luxury product. It is a lifestyle. In our mission to modernise the ear styling movement, we make it our focus to bring quality and comfort to every piece. With the luxury piercing experience being bigger than ever, we believe in creating jewellery that will shine bright every day and night without compromising on comfort.

[Accessory included with all piercings – Tish Lyon luxury jewellery is available at additional cost].

Types of Piercing

Lobe Piercing: This is the most common and basic ear piercing. It can be done on the earlobe at various positions.

Helix Piercing: A cartilage piercing on the upper ear’s rim.

Forward Helix Piercing: Located on the inner part of the upper ear’s rim.

Tragus Piercing: Pierced through the small, flat piece of cartilage in front of the ear canal.

Anti-Tragus Piercing: Located opposite the tragus, on the outer cartilage.

Rook Piercing: A piercing through the fold of cartilage above the tragus.

Conch Piercing: Can be either inner conch (on the inside of the ear) or outer conch (on the outer cartilage).

Daith Piercing: A piercing through the innermost cartilage fold of the ear.

Snug Piercing: Also known as the anti-helix piercing, it’s done through the inner cartilage rim.

Industrial Piercing: Consists of two piercings connected by a single piece of jewellery, usually a barbell.

Flat Piercing: On the flat portion of the upper ear.

Tash Rook Piercing: A variation of the traditional rook piercing.

Transverse Lobe Piercing: A horizontal piercing through the earlobe.

Auricle Piercing: Located on the outer rim of the ear.

Scaffold Piercing: Similar to the industrial piercing, with two holes connected by a bar.

Surface Tragus Piercing: On the surface of the tragus rather than through it.

Vertical Tragus Piercing: Pierced vertically through the tragus.

Helix Orbital Piercing: Involves two piercings connected by a hoop, typically done on the helix.

Remember that ear anatomy varies, so not all of these piercings may be suitable for everyone. It’s important as part of the consultation  process  that we determine what’s safe and appropriate for your ear.

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